Time to Reboot

Many times, when you’re the owner of a small business (or even work for a small business) you’ll find yourself wearing many hats around the office.  It seems the more hats you wear, the harder you work to get organized, but there is point many of us reach where we seem to be stuck in a rut.  We feel we’re taking the right steps to improve our business, yet nothing is changing.  Maybe you just have too much on your mind to be efficient although you’re making the effort. 

As Jill Farmer discusses in her blog, “Rebooting”, it sounds like you’re ready for a reboot!  This entry, along with many other great blogs can be found at: http://www.jillfarmercoaching.com/Blog.html?entry=time-to-reboot


By Jill Farmer

Ever tried to use a computer when it’s bogged down from processing too much information? It’s slow, inefficient and wildly infuriating. The only way to get it running right again?

Reboot it. 

Your mind also needs breaks to reboot. When your body feels sluggish, it means your brain needs a break, too.

Can’t take off on a vacation right this minute to rest and recharge? Believe it or not, a nap is a fabulous alternative.

My client Betsey, in the midst of running the family business, caring for an ailing loved one, holding a major volunteer leadership position, and planning her son’s Bar Mitzvah, discovered naps were the key to getting stuff done. “Every time I felt overwhelmed, I knew I needed to rest. I kept a notebook by my bed. I came up with so many ideas when I let myself shut down. It was awesome.”

Can’t take a nap right now? Try shutting your door, turn off everything but classical or jazz music, close your eyes and breathe ten deep, slow breaths. Repeat three times.

Or, get up and move for a couple of minutes. Going outside is a fabulous way to reboot. Taking even a short walk can be a powerful way to recharge.

“Anytime I find myself losing focus or I’m stuck in a particular way of thinking, I take a break and either take a walk or a shower. Almost every time, whatever I’ve been stuck on gets unhooked while I move my body or feel the hot water, and I get an insight or new idea that clears the path. When I sit back down to my desk, I’m re-energized and can keep moving forward,”  says my buddy and coach Kristen Stevens.

Still not buying it? In a groundbreaking study on women and time, Real Simple magazine (April 2012) discovered, “…women who set aside free time one a regular basis, EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD NOT FINISHED ALL THEIR CHORES (caps mine) were happier, more cheerful and more optimistic.

Further studies show, when we’re more optimistic, we get more accomplished, and we get it done more efficiently.  (Another bonus when we boost our positivity? Our families, friends, and colleagues often lose the desire  to shove our crabby attitudes where the sun don’t shine.)

Reboot Quiz

Do you find yourself dragging?______ (if YES, see option “A” below)

Are you having trouble focusing?_______ (if  YES, see option “B”, below)

Are you finding everything/everyone annoying, right now?_______

(if YES, see option “C”, below)

Are you thinking “everything would be better, if only…”?_____(if YES, see option “D”, below)

OPTION “A”— You need to reboot.

OPTION “B”— You need to reboot.

OPTION “C”— You need to reboot.

OPTION “D”— You need to reboot.

There you have it. Do something you can only do this time of year to rest, recharge, have fun and reconnect to your power source. It’s the best way to reboot, refuel and return to your best self this summer.

I’m off to my hammock.